7 Simple Ways to be Stress Free

This post really is on how to not worry or ways to worry less, but our brain is so weird that it doesn't understand how to not do something. Take kids for example. When you tell a little kid to not run around the halls, what does he do? He runs around. Actually, better yet, take yourself as an example. If I were to tell you, "Whatever you do, don't think about a pink elephant with white polka dots." .......What did you just do? Thought about that pink elephant with white polka dots. This is exactly why anti-war slogans are more hurtful than helpful, when it's better to just have used pro-peace slogans. Same with the war on poverty, drugs, etc- the list goes on. But that's another story.

Oh and in case you were wondering what a pink elephant with white polka dots looks like because your imagination just won't work with you... here ya go (you're welcome):

The more I talk to sleep deprived college students, friends that have already graduated, or in general people from all aspects of life, the more I realize that we worry ourselves about the tiniest things. I mean of course with that being said, there are real, bigger issues to worry about at times; however, what's worrying going to do really? But then again, since worrying is an innate human characteristic, the best we can do is learn how to deal with it.
Here's how!

1. Let Go & Keep It In Perspective.
This should be the most obvious one. The last thing you want to do is let yourself worry about things that are completely out of your control. First ask yourself if what you're worrying about is really worth your time, and usually when you think that out, you realize it really isn't as bad as you think. Worrying won't stop the bad stuff from happening, but it will stop you from enjoying the good. So once you reevaluate your worry and accept that it's out of your control, the sooner you can erase that it from your mind.

2. Game Plan.
Going directly hand in hand with #1, you need to have the right action plan to follow up the worries you CAN do something about! Problem with most people usually isn't the fact that they have a lot of worries, but that they have very confined ways of dealing with them. It's not possible to be certain about everything in life, but that's the whole fun of it! Write out: your worries, the worst possible scenario, and then 4-5 ways for dealing with the worst case scenario. After you jotted those down, pick one approach that seems the most doable in handling "the worst." Once you figure that out, the rest of the outcomes seem easier. And don't worry if plan A doesn't work, the alphabet has 25 more letters. ;)

3. Find Your Outlet.
Repressing your worries will only make it worse because it will come out one way or another (no sleep, anxiety, panic attack, headaches, loss of appetite, etc.) So the best way to deal with that before it happens, is to let it out in a way you enjoy doing so. Go workout. Grab a dessert with a friend, or have a tea/coffee date. Play your favorite sport. Write out your worries on a paper only to crumble it up and throw it in the trash. Dance. Whatever works for you.

4. Positive Visualization.
Sometimes we just worry ourselves by imagining everything always turning out for the worst. Energy flows where you focus your attention, which means you can choose to focus on the positive instead of the negative. You can do this in 2 ways: having a power move or by simply rehearsing positive outcomes in your mind. Let me explain what I mean by a power move first. Ever seen basketball players dribble a certain amount of times before shooting a free throw? Or clearing your throat and drinking cold water before a speech. The point here is to condition your mind to link that move with positivity, so next time you're worried, that power move will get you in a positive frame of mind. It's basically tricking your mind into thinking, "I got this." And you will!

5. Learn to Say "No"
Most of the time, the reason we create worry and stress for ourselves is because we lack the ability to say a simple word- "No." When you say yes to others, make sure you're not saying no to yourself. By doing this, you over-promise and over-commit ourselves to things that either aren’t worth your time or compromise the already set out priorities. People we know rarely say a simple, "No." There's always a, "Well I would, but..." or "I want to but I don't know if I can..." This gives others the chance to add their suggestions and work around your excuse, such as "Oh, today doesn't work? How about tomorrow? The day after? Next week?" Saying no the first time would've saved you from the guilt of saying yes the second time. You have to learn to say no without feeling guilty. Setting boundaries is healthy because it keeps persistent people from absorbing so much of your time, and helps you focus on what you need to get done. Obviously, there are polite ways to say no as well. Instead of coming off as rude, say "I'm sorry- not today" or "That doesn't work for me, but I'll let you know if there are any changes." So simplify your life, and learn to say no.

6. Be Careful About the People Around You.
One of the most overlooked factor in terms of worry is our surroundings. Emotions are super contagious. We "catch" moods from people around us without even realizing it. They don't even have to be speaking to us! You can sense moods and certain vibes from the people around whether it be positive or negative. If this happens with people who  don't even interact with you, imagine your state of mind while you're interacting with people daily. It's amazing how quickly good company can bring us out of an irritated mood and how quickly bad company can put us in one. This also goes for confidants. Be careful who you confide in. Some will help and inspire different perspectives to help solve the problems while others give you more doubt and fear, draining you whatever sense of peace you may have had. As Wayne Dyer has said, "Surround yourself with happy faces-people who are interested in growing and enjoying." Life is really too short to spend time with people who suck the happiness out of you.

7. Smile/Laugh.
My personal favorite. People get engulfed within their worries that they don't even take the time to sit back and enjoy the positives in life. Making use of humor is key to living a healthy, happy life. (Well along with the right diet and working out but that's another story as well). I know it can be hard to see the humor in something when you're so tensed and stressed, but being able to smile can really uplift your mood. It's always useful to have a "memory bank" for these where you have funny memories stored somewhere in your mind that you can always refer to if you're sad. For me, it's texts between my sister and I. She is one hilarious being. It's impossible to be in bad mood around her. Find what works for you, and keep that close. Laughing is, and always will be, the best form of therapy.



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