Welcome to my blog... Now what?

You know the feeling when you have so many thoughts running through your head, both good and bad, and you want to write them down. However, when you actually sit to write... 

Writer's block.

I've been thinking about blogging again, but you know the usual- school, social life (one can argue), etc. Not to list any excuses because I still could've found the time to blog if I really wanted to. BUT. None of that matters now. Because I just spent an entire day 'renovating' the blog if you will from when I last used it, which was about four years back. I thought of creating a whole new blog but by keeping this one and giving it a twist, I find myself going back and reading my old thoughts from the first post to my more matured recent one in 2011 (I know four years isn't exactly recent... but just go with it.) I started this blog as a class assignment by the way, hence the short responses to topics not really related to each other.  You'll be seeing a lot of discrepancies from the upcoming posts compared to what they used to look like, but again, just go with it.